Zefr Releases List of Top 100 Digital Influencers

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Earlier this week, video technology company Zefr released a report ranking the top 100 digital video influencers of 2016, with popular acts such as Cameron Dallas, Dan Howell and Roman Atwood ranking high on the list. The report also revealed major digital video trends the team identified over the course of their 90-day study.

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Unlike other rankings that rely exclusively on number of followers or video views, Zefr’s list is based on trends they saw in engagement, which they define as any deliberate viewer action on a post. The company tracked over 78,000 accounts across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using its Influencer Management System (IMS) technology to track audience responses on billions of social posts each day.

Realizing that a simplistic, linear ranking of 1 to 100 would obscure much of the talent and trends the team identified throughout the process, Zefr organized their list into five distinct categories: Digital A-List, Gaming, Kids & Toys, Spanish Language, and Best All Around. Each list reveals the top social influencers within each digital trend.

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“The goal was to go beyond the names we all know because there are so many more people doing amazing work and engaging huge audiences to talk about,” explained Dave Rosner, Zefr’s EVP of Strategic Marketing. “The influencer space is growing so fast and these are the people that are day-in and day-out fueling that growth.”

The team chose to look at engagement over the past 90 days to ensure that the results would be relevant and identify who is most influential in real-time. 

 Here’s a look at the top five “Digital A-List” video influencers Zefr identified in their report: 

1. Rhett and Link

The YouTube duo are known for their webseries Good Mythical Morning, which has featured celebrity guests like Amy Schumer and Daniel Radcliffe. The childhood best friend duo have been active on the platform since 2006—just a year after its invention.

2. Roman Atwood

Pranking and vlogging—two of the largest video trends and Roman Atwood does them both in separate, dedicated YouTube channels: Roman Atwood and Roman Atwood Vlogs,” Zefr wrote in the report.

3. Aaron DeBoer

From “Drive Thru pranks” to superhero cosplay, DeBoer is popular among both kid and adult audiences, hence why Zefr put him in their No. 3  spot.

4. Rachel Levin

Levin builds her franchise videos around brands such as Disney, and then gives them modern, humorous and relatable twists.

5. Cameron Dallas

Dallas, who started on Vine, has become the “it” boy of the Internet.  After mastering the six-second humorous videos, the young heartthrob moved on to YouTube to create longer-form content, including reaction videos and vlogs.


For the full report, check out Zefr’s report here.

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