“Worst Aunt Ever” Tries to Explain Suing Her Nephew

October 15, 2015 5:43 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 4411

The woman who is being labeled as the “worst aunt ever” after she sued her 12-year old nephew for breaking her wrist when he hugged her too hard has now decided to set the record straight. This week, Jennifer Connell sat down with the Today Show in an effort to explain why she sued her young nephew who was simply excited to have her at his birthday party. The fact she sued him four years after the incident for $127,000 has also come under scrutiny.

Connell revealed that she loved her nephew but the fact she had to sue him was due to a technicality within her insurance claim. She revealed she had no interest in taking her nephew, Sean, to court but was advised she needed to for formal reasons. Of course, the jury only took 25 minutes to rule against her in the case.

“I’m no legal expert but as I understand it, in Connecticut, it’s not possible to name an insurance company in a suit of a homeowners insurance case,” Connell explained. “An individual has to be named, and in this case, because Sean and I had this fall together, I was informed that Sean had to be named. I was never comfortable with that.”

According to Connell, her family has not held the lawsuit against her and even her nephew Sean was quick to respond and say she would never do anything to hurt him intentionally. However, Connell was desperate to get her medical bills from the incident paid for. Now, she is left confused with nowhere to turn and a tarnished reputation.

So what do you think? Innocent victim or worst aunt ever?

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