Woman Eats Dog Food For a Month

October 17, 2014 8:30 am  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 5061

There’s making a point, and then there’s eating dog food for a month.

Blame the movie Super Size Me for the fad of radical thirty-day diets that only serve to hammer home an already obvious point.

I mean, okay, so you ate McDonalds for a month and got sick and bloated. What do I take from this other than the fact that it’s unhealthy to eat nothing but McDonalds’s for thirty days?

Now a strange woman from Washington has embarked on a similar quest. Her aim? To prove that pet food is perfectly fine for human consumption. Or, wait… maybe she wanted to show that human food is made with unnatural ingredients? Hold on, is it just a marketing stunt for her pet food store?

Well, whatever: This woman ate dog food for a month.

Dorothy Hunter is the owner of Paws Natural Pet Emporium, a natural pet food vendor in Richland, Washington. Hunter and her associates claim the initiative was intended to raise awareness of “healthy pet food and ingredients.” While the campaign is certainly an effective marketing stunt (after all, we’re writing about it and you’re reading our article), it’s also pretty darn silly.

“In the news there’s been a lot about the bad food for humans,” Hunter explained on the store’s YouTube channel, specifically referencing the recent Hot Pocket recall. “We sell holistic, natural foods—good ingredients, USA products—at Paws Natural Pet Emporium. I believe in our products and how good they are; I actually believe our pets are eating better than us.”

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