Woman Discovered After Being Trapped in Elevator for 30 Days

March 8, 2016 3:51 am  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 5212

The body of a Chinese woman was found in a broken elevator this week after she had gone missing 30 days prior. The incident has caused a backlash in the apartment complex community in the Xiang province who believe the tragedy could have been easily avoided.

According to the authorities, the elevator in question became stuck last month between the 11th and 10th floors of the apartment building due to a malfunction, the woman, who authorities are simply calling “Wu” was trapped inside at the time. Here’s where the story begins to take a suspicious turn.

The maintenance company came and stated they knocked on the elevator doors but heard no one inside, they then shut off power to the elevator and didn’t return for a month. The woman was in her 40’s and lived on the 15th floor. Other residents described her as a “loner” with no real friends. However, that hasn’t stopped them from speaking out as to why the elevator wasn’t checked.

“What if the management staff had gone to look inside the elevator before shutting off the power? Would this tragedy have happened?” one resident asked.

Local authorities are currently investigating the incident, questioning the management of the apartment complex but also the maintenance staff and residents. The biggest question on everyone’s minds at this point is why no one heard the woman screaming for help?

Hopefully, there will be some resolution for Ms. Wu and her family.

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