Winter Storm Leaves the East Coast Covered in Snow

January 25, 2016 6:47 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 5358

As the sun rose on Monday morning, the East Coast began the uphill battle of digging itself out of the snow after one of the worst winter storms in recent history blew through the eastern seaboard over the weekend. As millions of people took to the streets to dig out their cars and begin to uncover the roads, many schools and corporations remained closed while transportation is still a complete mess.

According to the Washington Post, over 20 deaths have been reported due to the extreme weather conditions that pummeled down on the northeastern states with New York and Washington D.C.  taking the brunt of the storm. Nine of the deaths were in D.C. alone and authorities have stated investigations are currently ongoing.

When it comes to transportation, the grid is still chaotic with over 1,500 flights cancelled as of Monday morning and over 11,000 grounded over the past weekend. City transit is currently at the mercy of the snow plows and volunteers, with most of the roads still in disarray. In Washington, the Metro was only able to offer limited service as of Monday morning.

As for snowfall, New York City’s Central Park saw 26.8 inches over the weekend, however the subway systems and buses are back online as of today. However, transit between the city and Long Island is still suspended until weather conditions improve.

New Jersey also saw high snowfall, with over 28 inches and the shore is currently under a flood warning as icy water, snow and sludge took to the streets, stranding many vehicles due to a storm surge thanks to the hurricane-force winds.

Cleanup crews are expected to continue throughout the week in all of the states that were effected with transportation services slowly coming online in the upcoming days.


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