TOM BRADY: How the NFL’s Greatest Quarterback Makes & Spends his Millions

February 11, 2017 10:11 am  |  Comments: 4  | Views: 59849

Brady was the fifth-highest-paid player in the NFL this past season, making $28.8 million.

Sources: Business Insider


  • Marilyn Rondeau says:

    He’s just a regular guy and devoted father, husband and son! He makes his mom proud! Gotta love him!

  • Angelo Filigenzi says:

    What a fine family. They do make a ton of money and I hope they do more than buying very expensive homes. Like supporting a charity or helping underprivileged kids and poor families.

    The fact that he doesn’t live the megastar lifestyle is another great plus for him and family.

    I hope your career keeps going.

  • Chad says:

    That is Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios, not splash mountain. Sorry, had to correct that error

  • Robert Duncan says:

    I’m not a big sports fan, but enjoy watching play-offs. Watched the Super Bowl game and went with the Patriots after watching the pre-game show. To my surprise, they were being beat up on by the Falcons, mere youngsters without equal experience. I paid close attention to Brady’s facial affect during the entire game, and saw raw courage and determination as he led his Patriots to a total upset. He’s got my vote.

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