Sprint Dead Last In Consumer Reports’ Phone Service Survey

July 31, 2015 8:30 am  |  Comments: 1  | Views: 5422

Sprint is eating everyone’s dust.

The nation’s third-largest wireless carrier by subscriber base sank to the bottom of a survey conducted by Consumer Reports over cell phone service. Sprint scored “dismal marks” in value, voice, text messaging, and 4G reliability, according to Consumer Reports’ survey released Thursday. Sprint ranked No. 2 behind Verizon Wireless a year ago.

It’s the latest headache for a carrier that is going through a long and painful transformation of its network. Sprint is in the middle of upgrading its network to allow for better and faster service, but the transition has been rough on customers. As a result, many have left the carrier in the last few years.

“While the findings in the Consumer Reports’ survey are disappointing, they’re not necessarily surprising,” said a Sprint representative. “We’ve asked customers during the past year to ‘pardon our dust’ as we build out and upgrade our network.”

Sprint is hoping the rate of customer attrition will fade once the network improves. To drum up interest for its next-generation network, the company last month demonstrated Sprint Spark, its enhanced LTE network. The company said in areas where the coverage has improved, the customer satisfaction has moved up accordingly.

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