Revolutionary Antenna Developed by a NASA Engineer Gets Popular Channels Without Paying for Cable or Satellite

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SkyLinkTV - HDTV Without the Hassle

Get The Same Channels, But Skip The Bills

If there is one constant in the world, it is monthly subscriptions to Satellite TV and Cable will keep going up year after year. Most people are sick and tired of being forced to choose from one provider, especially since you can’t shop around and you have to pay hand over fist for their services. Americans are fed up with cable companies and it shows – the worst reviewed and ranked companies in the country always end up being the big cable providers!

There is hope! Starting this year, cable companies are no longer allowed to scramble the channels in publicly broadcasted regions. Before 2018 they could protect their broadcasts by making them altered so you couldn’t receive them without their technology. A new ruling by the government now sets the message that signals belong to the people.


New 2018 Ruling Means HD Channels Are Broadcast By TV Providers

Cable and Satellite TV companies are worried. And they should be. They’re betting on regular Americans not learning about this ruling, but if you know about it you can take advantage of them – instead of them taking advantage of you.

Luckily for the TV providers most modern antennas can’t pick up what they are broadcasting. The antennas of today simply don’t have the range they are broadcasting at, and it has given them piece of mind – until a NASA engineer developed a new antenna that can pick up these low frequency broadcasts and get picture perfect clear HD channels right from the air!



The SkyLink HDTV Antenna is a sleek, indoor antenna you can place on the inside of your house – no need to ruin curb appeal or stare at a giant antenna on your balcony. Crazy that today we can use an antenna without the large mess of traditional satellite ones causing a huge eye-sore.

The tech that went into developing this means it can pick up signals up to 60 miles out from the source without any problem. The design was made with a modern principle that means it is one of the most reliable and advanced consumer antennas out on the market. You can get crystal clear HD television channels with this incredible, revolutionary antenna with ease.


A first look, and what we thought about it

So of course, something that sounds too good to be true probably is, right? Our order of the Skylink HTDV Antenna came pretty quick, and unpacking the box was simple. Not a lot of parts, and the antenna itself looked pretty cool, almost futuristic! Setting up the antenna was really simple and only needed us to put it on a flat surface, at my house we put it on our window.

Now the real review – drum roll please.. the channels were surprisingly crystal clear! I thought a TV antenna would make it feel like the older ones with static or problems but this picture quality was really HD. I couldn’t help but begin to flip through the channels. As a lot of ads said, this thing could get us the big channels no problem. At my house I got most of what I wanted to watch – there were a few channels here or there that the antenna didn’t pick up, but at the end of looking through we counted 68 channels and they all came in 1080 HD quality.

The crazy part is – we weren’t hooking it up to a cable or satellite company. All of the channels we got, 85% of the broadcast channels were received by our antenna for free! My friend who came to watch me set it up thought he was going to pick one up too and test it out.


Connect, Install, and Enjoy


My friend ended up installing one in his place across town, and he says he called up his company right away and cancelled. They even tried to get him to keep his service by offering lower rates! But he asked how long he would get them and it turns out they don’t last long at all. It’s always the same story with them. He’s pretty happy with his antenna and we joke about cutting the cord a lot.


Would we recommend it?

I know for sure the cable companies have been hassling me year after year. All of these specials for new customers but existing customers always get bill increases? No thanks. I recommend the Skylink Antenna not only because I really love not paying so much every month to my provider, but because I really get all the channels I want at the low cost of nothing per month!

There are some special offers available that they could be running, and you can find out for free if you can grab some discounts. They were running a 50% off promo so check quick to see if you can get it before the sale ends!



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