New Study Shows Pokémon GO is Used Twice as Much as Facebook

July 25, 2016 5:42 pm  |  Comments: 4  | Views: 17131

On Friday the analytics company 7Park Data released data that revealed people are spending a significant more time playing Pokémon GO—the latest gaming phenomenon from Nintendo—than they are on Facebook, YouTube or Snapchat.

7Park Data’s new report shows that during its first week, Pokémon GO users spent 75 minutes per day playing the insanely popular game, versus only 35 minutes on the Facebook app, 19 minutes on YouTube, and about 9 minutes on Snapchat.

Furthermore, when comparing daily usage the week prior and the week following Pokémon GO’s release, 7Park Data discovered that Nintendo’s hit game caused daily usage for YouTube to drop by 9% and 18% for Snapchat. These statistics indicate that the July 6 launch of Pokémon GO may have directly caused the decline in daily usage for other popular and regularly used apps.

Pokemon GO daily time spent in-app on Android devices. (Image Credit: 7Park Data)

Pokemon GO daily time spent in-app on Android devices. (Image Credit: 7Park Data)

Dispute a decease in daily time spent on YouTube and Snapchat following Pokémon GO’s debut, time spent on Facebook following the app’s launch actually increased by two minutes—from 33 minutes to 35 minutes. This stat can likely be contributed to a heavy influx of Facebook posts as Pokémon GO players share their findings of the game’s digital creatures on their Facebook feed.

Screenshots of Pokemon GO. (Image Credit Niantic/Nintendo)

Screenshots of Pokemon GO. (Image Credit Niantic/Nintendo)

Finally, the NYC-based analytics firm found that people are spending 4.1% more time on our smartphones since the launch of Pokémon Go, although it seems it may be at the expense of other popular apps like YouTube and Snapchat.

Regardless if Pokémon GO is directly responsible for disrupting the time people spend on other apps, Nintendo has been undeniably successful at retaining its users. According to 7Park Data, an average of 75 minutes of daily usage is an impressively high number, and indicates that users keep coming back to play the game, even weeks after its release.

Additionally, Apple recently told TechCrunch Pokémon GO set a new all-time record in becoming the most first-week downloaded app since Apple launched their iOS app store in 2008.

7Park Data’s findings were based on a global multi-million user panel the company conducted one week prior and after the July 6, 2016 launch of Pokémon GO in the United States.

Sources: 7Park Data, TechCrunch



  • Ric says:

    What a waste of time…people are lazy enough without this garbage!

  • MCC says:

    Pokemon GO is so additive! It’s great to see that people are taking a break from FaceBook, which is all about politics and depressing news right now, to play this lighthearted yet rewarding game. It might be a fad or it might be around for a long time. Either way it’s my new favorite craze! Great article!!

  • Sharon says:

    I’m for interaction and being outdoors, but this brings up the other factors that the children MUST be heavily supervised. Danger of where they are walking, in and out of traffic is a concern. How about a stalker at the other end of a find to snatch your children? Has anyone thought about that?

  • Love the site– extremely user pleasant and great deals to see!

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