Who Is Performing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration?

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Your Guide to Inauguration Day 2017

After more than a year of campaigning, 26 primary and general election debates, and countless press conferences, attack ads, victory speeches, public apologies, and early morning Twitter rants, Donald Trump’s inauguration is here.

On Friday, January 20, President-elect Trump will officially be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Event planners are estimating that 900,000 people will attend Trump’s swearing-in ceremony and the ensuing parade — while a decent turnout, it’s about half the turnout of President Barack Obama’s record-holding 2008 inauguration ceremony.

The inauguration might be a hot ticket in Washington, but in the weeks leading up to the festivities, the organizers behind Donald J. Trump’s inaugural committee faced challenges booking performers for the Jan. 20 event. 

It's already been quite the spectacle watching performers accept and reject Trump's offer. Performers who confirmed an appearance faced widespread scrutiny and backlash, while several who had been just even loosely associated with the event backed away from the plans.

So who exactly will be taking the stage in Washington D.C. this week ahead of Trump being sworn into office?

Here, in the following slideshow, is the schedule of Trump’s inaugural extravaganzas, a rundown as who is — and who isn’t — booked to perform during the festivities, and a list of all the ways you can watch the events.

Sources: NY Times, VOX  

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