One Woman’s Quick Way To Solve The People Search Problem

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So here’s the deal. Very, very rarely am I one to write reviews on products, companies or services. However, I’m making an exception today after recently stumbling upon what I believe is arguably one of the best, yet largely unknown, tools on the internet today –

This past Spring, I was in charge of organizing my high school’s 50th reunion (go Wildcats!). And while I’ve kept in touch with a few close friends, I knew that finding the rest of my former classmates was going to be an arduous task.  

Yes, I know there’s hundreds of people search sites and tools available today. But the thing is, people are incredibly mobile (nearly 20% of the U.S. population moves every year!). Not only that, but there are millions of marriages and divorces every year. So unless I already know the full names and where the people I’m wanting to locate are today, I can’t find them in a phone directory or a social networking site, like Facebook or LinkedIn.

As a wife, mother and former recruiter for several Fortune 500 companies, I am no stranger to online people search services that locate people’s contact information and records. It’s a fundamental task I’ve encounter countless times on a daily basis. And I can honestly say, I’ve tried nearly every single people search site out there.

But when I was starting the process of trying to track down my former classmates’ contact information for our upcoming 50th reunion, I came across a website I hadn’t yet tried—Find People Search. With the name implying exactly what I needed, I decided to give this new site a try.

Immediately upon clicking on the site, I noticed that Find People Search had a differentiating characteristic that all other competing people search sites lack – SIMPLICITY. SIMPLICITY. SIMPLICITY.

What makes Find People Search so simple? There’s no ads. No required registration. And 100% no fees at all. In other words, it’s honestly a free people search tool that allows you to find people’s contact information—easily, quickly, and accurately.

The fundamental simplicity of Find People Search is something I immediately liked. So many other sites have all this “flash”, an abundance of annoying ads, and needless content that just complicates the simple task of what I’m trying to do – find someone, quickly and easily. And with no registration required!

Right off the homepage, all you have to do is enter someone’s name, although there’s the option to expand your search criteria to include age, addresses, former names, phone numbers, DOB, and social security number.  

After I submitted my search criteria, (FREE!) results were displayed within seconds. Unlike competing sites that only sometimes “listen” to the criteria you enter, Find People Search considered all the information I inputted, which led directly to the actual results and records I was searching for without me having to sift through countless irrelevant records that do not contain the information I submitted.

Based on just entering her first name, maiden name, approximate age, and State of residence, Find People Search displayed the person I was searching for. The results showed my inquiry’s full married name, age, multiple current and former home addresses, a few phone numbers and a host of family members and associates. All this possible information I needed in order to successfully send out the invitation to the reunion.

The thing that truly impressed me was Find People Search’s accuracy – how by cross-referencing and comparing information from several different sources over many years, that the search engine was able to narrow thousands of bits of information down and verify data so that the results related to the one person I was actually looking for.

I used this extremely helpful free site to a track down a majority of my 500+ former classmates. Not only did I find every person I was searching for, but I was able to do so in a matter of seconds without wasting my time or costing me a penny. I can honestly say that Free People Search made it possible for every high school alumni to attend what turned out to be a terrific night no one will ever forget.

Like I said at the beginning, I am no stranger to the host of people search websites out there today. Nor am I one to go out of my way and dedicate time to writing a review (either positive or negative) on products and services, but I just couldn’t help but share my discovery of this largely unknown site, one that I think will one day be “the Google of people of search” as it continues to grow and expand its capabilities.

If you or anyone you know is ever in need of such a service, I highly encourage you to explore Find People Search. I guarantee you’ll be amazed at this search engine’s amazing accuracy and simplicity.

 Thank you Find People Search for making our 50th high school reunion possible and a success!

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