North Korean Missile Test Puts Japan on Alert

January 29, 2016 3:39 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 4957

According to sources close within the Japanese government, the country’s military has officially been put on alert as of Friday morning for a possible North Korean Missile launch. While not 100% confirmed, rumblings of another test by North Korea have kept tensions high, especially after its fourth nuclear test occurring only  last month which the country claimed was a hydrogen bomb.

The current concern revolves around the fact a missile test so soon after a nuclear test could mean North Korea is planning on attaching nuclear warheads to its missiles in an attempt to launch an attack on South Korea, Japan or even as far as the United States. Japan’s Prime Minister of Defense has ordered Aegis destroyers currently in the Sea of Japan to shoot down any incoming North Korean missiles heading for the country.

When questioned on whether or not the country should shoot down any of the launched missiles, the Prime Minister refused to provide details on the current plan, only that they would “respond with appropriate measures.”

Currently, Japan is not completely worried of a direct attack but that debris from a missile launch could fall on its territory. The concern with North Korea is not unwarranted, with the country continuing to make questionable military moves and tests that have not just Japan but other countries worried as well.

If the test were to occur, it’s expected to happen in the next three weeks.

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