The new rules of soda

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Of all the 10 billion pieces of World Cup paraphernalia out there, the one I love the best is Pepsi’s #FUTBOLNOW soda machine. The vending machine doubles as a video game: Users can show off their skills and if they’re good enough, the interactive machine will award free sodas. Sadly, the only one of the limited-edition machines in the U.S. is at the Dallas airport.

But in non–World Cup news, there is a lot going on in the world of soda, like the Diet Coke Flirt Machine in London, and the 146-flavor Freestyle vending machine. There’s enough going on that it’s time to take stock and offer up these new soda commandments.

Think Low-Sugar Sodas
Recently, a new crop of carbonated beverages have appeared, and they boast low sugar and no artificial chemicals. Organic Oogavé sodas are sweetened with agave and come in flavors like watermelon-cream, strawberry-rhubarb and mandarin–Key lime.

Dry Soda Co. creates super-refreshing beverages that clock in at less than 70 calories per serving and have about 25-30% of the amount of sugar that typical soda does. Plus, the Seattle-based company supports local farms by sponsoring events in the Pacific Northwest. Fizzy Lizzy’s beverages consist solely of fruit juice and carbonated water, with no added sugars, in fun flavors like Fuji apple, grapefruit and tangerine–passion fruit.

DIY Your Sodas
Thanks to at-home carbonators like the SodaStream and the SodaSparkle, DIY–soda and seltzer is super popular these days. If you really want to step up your homemade soda game, try all-natural syrups from the Brooklyn-based P&H Soda Co. in flavors like hibiscus, ginger and sarsaparilla or an Old Fashioned Soda Kit ($85), which comes with flip-top glass bottles, stainless steel straws and funnel and a choice of syrup (choose from lemon, pomegranate, root beer or cherry cola). Shortcut: Mix syrups or flavorings with store-bought seltzer.

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