More Than 75 Million People Could Be Effect by Winter Storm

January 22, 2016 2:45 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 4723

The threat of a huge winter storm has sent most of the East Coast into a panic as the National Weather Service revealed today that over 75 million people could be effected by what they’re saying is the worst winter storm the United States has ever seen. In addition to those being impacted by snow, it’s expected that 7 million could experience dangerous ice-related conditions.

The storm is expected to move in over the weekend, encompassing the East Coast into an icy vortex of snow, sleet and rain. Even as far as south is Florida is expected to be effected with temperatures dropping into the low forties. As for the northern states, Baltimore is expected to see as much as 24 inches of snow while New York could see from 10-20.

Currently, North Carolina has issued a state of emergency due to the increasingly dangerous conditions and Washington, D.C. is already experiencing major traffic issues as the weather continues to worsen. The National Weather Service has issued a travel warning to those looking to make a break for it as it’s expected most fights will be grounded in the impacted areas.


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