Martin Shkreli’s Luck Continues to Run Out

December 23, 2015 2:54 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 5217

Since his arrest, the world’s most hated man, Martin Shrekli has watched his big Pharma empire completely disintegrate over the past week. You may remember when Shkreli made headlines for purchasing the drug Daraprim which is used to treat a rare parasite infection as well as HIV, by 5,000%. Last week, karma finally caught up to Shkreli when he was arrested for fraud and embezzlement after swindling some of his investors out of money and creating sham companies to cover for the investor money he lost. However, Shkreli’s luck doesn’t stop there.

Turing Pharmaceuticals, the company he was CEO of has officially announced that Shkreli has resigned from his position effective immediately. And now, the pharmaceutical company KalosBios has announced they’ve fired Shkreli as CEO effective immediately. Shkreli acquired the company in November by purchasing 70% of its shares and had plans to hike up the price of another drug used to treat cancer from $1,000 per treatment to $100,000.

Shkreli has continued to defend his actions with an unapologetic flair, making statements that he is strictly about making a profit and people who are sick will pay the prices he sets if they wish to live. And while he continues to flaunt his wealth into the faces of his followers, his luck may have finally run out. With his companies gone, money drying up and facing 20 years in a federal prison, Shkreli may end up paying the ultimate price thanks to greed.

He is currently out on a $5 million bail.

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