Luke Ditella & Melissa Dilger: NYC’s Most Envied & Influential Power Couple

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Meet Luke Ditella and Melissa Dilger, one of NYC’s most intriguing and influential power couples, set to be married in November, 2017. It’s no secret New York is packed with incredible and beautiful couples, but very few compare to Luke and Melissa.

Luke—a former surf prodigy, turn model, turn actor, turn brand ambassador and entrepreneur—met his long-time personal photographer fiancé on MySpace nearly 11 years ago, and since then, they have managed to push both conventional and social media to new and unexpected heights. This couple proves that love and work can, in fact, flourish together.

In modern days, Luke and Melissa have departed from the 9-5 construct and instead have embraced the “do what you love” lifestyle and found success on their own schedule, as a dynamic, digital duo, working creatively as models, muses, photographers, and creative directors on a number of editorial projects and collaborations.

Brands across the commercial spectrum are scrambling after Luke, all wanting him to wear, use and promote their stuff due to his good-looks, adventurous spirit, and malleability. And though his Instagram account boasts 130,000—a modest following compared to celebrity standards—theirs no denying his analytical impact on consumer spending.

For example, one particular label, called Vince, that was founded in 2002 and estimated to be worth roughly a billion dollars, saw incredible audience interaction and impressive influencer rates after a recent social media collaboration with Ditella and his talented photographer fiancé.

“We feed off each other in a creative way,” says Dilger. “There’s a rhythm.”

Melissa Dilger and Luke Ditella in their Brooklyn home.

The jet-setting pair, who currently call Brooklyn home, are due to be married on November 11th, 2017 in what they’re calling “The Black Wedding,” at which all guests are required to wear all black except for the bride. 

“We don’t want a conventional wedding,” says Luke, who hopes the wedding will spawn a new genre of weddings, if not disrupt the wedding industry paradigm all together. “No one ever sees a wedding from a guy’s perspective. This is truly for the both of us. We’re already taking meetings with brands who want to sponsor it.”

Forbes recently sat down with Luke and Melissa to discuss their unique personal and professional relationship, their approaching paradigm-changing “Black Wedding,” and the future of brands and marketing. 

Read the enlightening and inspiring interview here.

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