Kohl’s Takes Aim To Become The Nation’s Most Engaging Retailer

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Kohl’s CEO, Kevin Mansell, has stated that he intends to turn Kohl’s into the most engaging retailer in the nation.

Though, as Wisn.com tells us, the nationwide department store chain remains very profitable, Kohl’s will face an uphill climb before it can claim the title of “most engaging retailer in the nation.” The Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal Sentinel informs us that Kohl’s recently ranked as number 22 on the Top 100 Retailers list which is published by the National Retail Federation.

Kohl’s operates 1,160 department stores and had sales of $19 billion in 2013. Despite the seemingly impressive 2013 sales number, the retailer’s sales were actually down 1.3% from the year earlier. Kohl’s and other big box retailers are having to come to terms with rapidly changing technology as well as the resulting changes in the shopping habits of American consumers.

One might presume that Kohl’s plan for increasing their level of engagement focuses on expanding their online presence, and that presumption would be true in part. According to Wisn.com, Kohl’s CEO, Kevin Mansell, blames the department store chain’s stagnant sales on economic weakness and changes in the overall retail marketplace.

Mansell acknowledges that virtual retailing isn’t going away and stated as much when he committed the retailer to pursuing a multi-fronted attack saying that, “Virtual retailing is here to stay and growing… our focus is definitely on driving more traffic and getting customers back in to Kohl’s.” Mansell further said that, “We are having to evolve basically on every front.”

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