Instagram App Debuts New, Simpler Design

May 11, 2016 4:18 pm  |  Comments: 2  | Views: 11587

Instagram introduced a noticeably new look to the popular photo-sharing app Wednesday, revealing an updated icon and a cleaner design.

“The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app,” Instagram explained in a blog post.

The former Instagram logo, a retro brown and cream camera with a rainbow brush, has been replaced with a simpler camera and gradient rainbow icon. In addition to the new icon, one of the most obvious changes is a primarily black and white user-inference and navigation elements.

This less colorful interface serves a designated purpose, according to Ian Spalter, Instagram’s head of design.

 “While the logo is a colorful doorway into the Instagram app, once inside the app, we believe the color should come directly from the community’s photos and videos,” said Spalter. “We stripped the color and noise from surfaces where people’s content should take center stage, and boosted color on other surfaces like sign up flows and home screens.”

Instagram also unveiled an updated look for their other three supporting photo and video apps: Layout for creating photo collages, Hyperlapse for time lapse video, and Boomerang for creating short video clips.



“We carried the gradient through each icon, and designed them on the same grid to make the system feel cohesive,” said Spalter. “We also updated the Layout and Boomerang icons to better represent what the apps help you create — a collection of photos, or a mini video that loops forward and backward.”

According to TechCrunch, Instagram has been working on the redesign since last summer, testing nearly 300 different icons before beginning to work on the user interface update earlier this year.

The redesign is among a series of upcoming changes for Instagram, including new Business Profiles expected to be rolled out later this year.


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