Honey Bees Are Too Stressed According to Experts

July 12, 2015 10:09 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 4660

It is a well-known fact that the plight of the American Honey Bee is a dire one. Currently, die-offs have hit 34% in the last five years with it hitting an all-time high of 46% in 2014 alone. This is more than three colonies every year which is a major problem since bee colonies are so interconnected. The ripple effect of one colony dying can have disastrous effect on an entire region as the colonies collapse. However, what could be causing the bee die off?

There have been many theories over the past decade from Monsato to climate change. However, recent research believes that the real reason bees are dying off is due to stress. As more and more colonies collapse, the stress from it causing the bees to die off colony  by colony. As of now, the honey bee has reached 60% extinction level. And believe us, when they officially die off it’s not a good thing. The problem is when the honey bees go, no more pollination can take place which then effects food crops worldwide. And when that happens the human race is in serious trouble.

What’s fascinating is the reaction to the colony collapse has been overwhelmingly positive among the population. While most of us hate insects, the bumble bee and honey bee are beloved by most. Probably, because one out of every three plates of food you eat was created through the assistance of the honey bee.  While many organizations have been set up to help the honey bees, until the government steps in and takes action the crisis is most likely only to get worse. And as more colonies disappear, the stress levels of the honey bee will only continue to increase. We can only hope bee keepers continue to fight the good fight.

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