HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE WHITE HOUSE: A Look Back at The Presidents’ Christmas Cards, from Coolidge to Obama

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Calvin Coolidge, 1927

Sources: Business Insider

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  • Ebrima Sonko says:

    Dear editor of News break

    I would like to thank the outgoing President of the United States president Barack Obama. However I would like Mr President to help me with one simple request. The outgoing president of my country the Gambia has recently being voted out of office, by the patriotic and peace loving people of the Republic of the Gambia, through the democratic process, and yet he is refusing to accept the verdict of the people.
    This is very sad and troubling for the democracy for Africa. Time and time again we have being witnessing this in Africa, were dictators, believe it’s their god given right to rule the people come what may, and use the state resources to secure their position through corrupt means in case of event like this. The new Gambia president elect is about to be sworn in January 18th. 2017, but my fear is that the poor Gambian will not see a good ending of this mad dictator, as we is massing rebels in sub-region to subvert the wishes of my people. Please I would like you to use your influence and the good office to help the Gambian people to enjoy the freedom and democracy that they fully deserve, and also to add to your legacy, as the president to stand for justice and freedom for mankind.

    Sincerely yours and admirer

    E. Sonko

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