Hacker Leaks Hundreds of Upcoming SAT Questions

August 4, 2016 5:45 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 8470

Hundreds of questions from this year’s SAT exam—a widely used test for college-bound high school students—have been leaked, according to a recent report from Reuters

The College Board began redesigning the SAT in 2012. (Image Credit: Business Insider)

The College Board began redesigning the SAT in 2012. (Image Credit: Business Insider)

Just months after the College Board—the nonprofit responsible for the SAT exam—unveiled the latest version of the test in March, a person with access to material for upcoming versions of the redesigned exam provided Reuters with hundreds of confidential test items. The questions and answers include 21 reading passages—each with about a dozen questions—and about 160 math problems.

The leak comes after several years of warnings, both internally and from consulting firm Gartner Inc., that the College Board was lacking the proper security measures. If students have prior access to the exam’s questions, this would drastically influence the entire college admissions process—including scholarship considerations—as test scores would be highly inflated and inaccurate of academic aptitude.

It is currently unknown to what extent the leaked material has been circulated online or who has access to the SAT questions.

The College Board has not yet revealed if it would delay or cancel the upcoming tests, which takes place in October.  According to Reuters, “developing a single version of the SAT typically takes about 18 to 30 months and costs about $1 million,” making it an exceptionally costly mistake for the College Board.

Sources: Reuters, Gizmodo

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