Florida Braces for Tropical Storm Erika Impact

August 28, 2015 5:33 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 5071

Meteorologists predict that Tropical Storm Erika will hit the Gulf Coast of Florida by Monday as the scattered and disorganized storm system brings havoc to Hispaniola. The storm has currently stalled in that location bringing heavy rainfall and has already caused a few deaths. It’s expected to continue to weaken as it makes its way toward the Florida Coast. Predicting a trajectory for the storm has proved problematic due to its unpredictability and constant shifts. It’s expected make landfall north of Tampa and move up Florida’s spine. The entire state is expecting to hit with heavy rainfall.

This will be the second time the Tampa bay area has been hit with heavy storms this month. Earlier in August, thunderstorms caused major flooding over the course of three days, cutting off the Howard Franklin bridge access due to the rising water levels. Experts say everyone should buckle down for the storm.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Friday that Tropical Storm Erika poses a “severe threat to the entire state” and declared a state of emergency. The early declaration allows the state to prepare for the worst by bringing in the National Guard and taking down toll systems for emergency evacuations. And even though it is only a tropical storm, state officials still consider it a serious threat.

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