East Coast Storm Floods South Carolina

October 4, 2015 5:16 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 4690

The East Coast is preparing for some seriously nasty weather over the next few days as the effects of Hurricane Joaquin have created a storm surge that is slamming into the Carolinas and creating a miserable experience for all who live there. Currently, there have been four deaths reported in South Carolina due to the storm as well as many communities flooded while others are completely under water. Emergency management officials issued a warning on Sunday for residents to stay in their homes and off the roads due to the weather conditions. As of now over 30,000 homes were reporting a lack of power.

In Columbia, the flooding has been so bad that over 100 people had to be rescued from their cars for attempting to cross flooded roads and over 200 rescue calls were still pending as of this morning. Reports have also come in that Gills Creek is flood 10 feet above the norm, which has resulted in flooding in surrounding areas to be about waist-deep water-wise.

Over 14 inches of rain fell on Columbia overnight, with President Barack Obama declaring a state of emergency for South Carolina. The low pressure system causing the chaos is expected to stall in the area over the next few days which could be catastrophic for some areas of the state.

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