Drivers Are Overpaying By Not Following One Simple Rule

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Woman Driver Holding Car Keys siting in Her New CarWhen drivers enter their zip code and vehicle information at Provide Savings, many are shocked at the results they find. Most just can’t believe that the available rates are in fact real, but the truth is rates have dropped significantly for many people over the past 12 months. Also, thanks to new program policies it’s now easy to save up to 45% with rates as low as $9/week.

We had Dale Boggs, our in house financial expert, test these types of services out. He came back a few days later to report a number of exciting things – including that he will now save over $1,200 during the next year. He found many others who have done the same.

Does this mean Dale was overcharged by his previous insurance agent? Well, it’s possible since his previous agent neglected to share a number of lower cost insurance options. When confronted, his agent said in a hesitant voice,”There are just so many options, and I didn’t think you would be interested in that specific one.”

So, what is the “One Simple Rule?” Well, you should never buy car insurance without comparing all of the discounts available to you through an unbiased source.

Example of Insurance Premium Savings

You are NOT locked into your current policy. If you pre-paid for your current policy you can cancel it and get back the balance of your pre-paid amount.

Many people fail to realize that the higher your insurance premiums, the more money your agent makes. Because of this, smart consumers now use online tools to receive unbiased insurance quotes.

With average savings of up to 45%, online services like Provide Savings are gaining massive popularity. According to ComScore’s 2012 U.S. Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report, “nearly 70 percent of shoppers reported getting an online quote”. The report also found that “the online channel remains the preferred channel for customers shopping for auto insurance policies”. Research has found Provide-Insurance™ to be one of the most trusted, secure and effective free online services that provides drivers with lower insurance rates.

Congratulations to Provide-Savings for offering a wonderful service and for making an honest effort to help drivers all over America save money. If you too would like to receive the benefits of using this free service you can click here Then just enter your zip code to get started. Once you go through a few questions, you will have the opportunity to click on the best carrier quotes available based on your profile.

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