The Debut of the World’s First Invisible Glasses

April 6, 2017 10:58 am  |  Comments: 2  | Views: 14466

A revolution in prescription eyewear is upon us.  

One of the leading online retailers for prescription eyewear, announced earlier this week the launch of TruSkin™ Invisible Glasses, the world’s first pair of invisible frames that turn completely transparent from a person’s body heat.

Using patented nanoplastic technology, these revolutionary glasses change from green to completely clear and invisible due to the heat emitted by a person’s skin, allowing you to enjoy vision correction without the annoyance of wearing contact lenses.

TruSkin™ Glasses Activated by Personal Heat to Become Virtually Invisible.

The glass’s revolutionary nanowires bend natural and artificial light to create a disappearing “cloaking effect” that reacts to the natural heat emitted from the body.  They are also engineered with castor oil that reacts to the skin’s PH and heat to change the frame’s color according to each person’s unique natural skin color.  The result is a part of lenses that are only detectable from a distance of 5-inches or closer.

“Nanotechnology allows us to better manipulate the material of our frames and find real-world solutions for our customers without breaking the bank,” says Henry Owen Anderson, Director of Innovations at “This new technology is going to further revolutionize our product offerings and creates endless possibilities.”

TruSkin Invisible Glasses are available for pre-order now




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