Celebrities React To Trump’s Presidential Win

November 9, 2016 1:52 pm  |  Comments: 3  | Views: 15322

In a stunning upset, former reality TV star and business and real estate mogul-turned-politician Donald J. Trump won the required number of electoral votes Tuesday night in a hotly contested campaign, making him the 45th President of the United States come January 2017. 

Celebrities expressed a range of emotions on social media after Trump took the presidency early Wednesday, ranging from happiness to despair to hopefulness. 

As election results rolled in and reflected a strong showing for Republican candidate Donald Trump, many celebrities ― who mainly spoke out in favor of Democratic nominee Clinton during the 2016 campaign ― took to social media to share their views on the results, expressing their disbelief, fear, frustration, devastation and rallying cries throughout the night.

While some celebrities shared their disappointment with the results of Tuesday’s presidential election, not everyone in Hollywood was unhappy, with a few celebrities expressing their jubilation and tweeting their congrats to President-Elect Donald Trump.

Here’s a sampling of 50 celeb’s tweets and posts from throughout the night and their reaction to the announcement of Trump’s victory in the early hours of Wednesday morning.


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  • Chris B. says:

    It seems completely outlandish that Trump could even run for president much less win when his resume which he has zero experience with political parties. Knows nothing about government whatsoever. You have to have restaurant experience just to get a job in Mc DONALDS. Also, for a man who has been avoiding paying his taxes all these years seems like a bad law to let someone who doesn’t pay his fair share of tax in our country be the leader of our country. Another thing that bothers me is he makes all his clothes and hats and ties in other countries. Yet he says he needs to bring jobs back to the United States, well shouldn’t we start with his companies? Trump also has woman suing him for sexual assault and it isn’t hard to believe since his tapes were released to the public of him talking about groping women and getting a free show in the dressing room. Also, I believe in drug testing as I don’t believe he had allergies when he did all 3 debates. Trump was continuously sniffing like a cocaine head. Too much is wrong with this picture. I don’t respect Trump at all.

  • Heidi Watson says:

    America has weathered changes many people didn’t like and will do so with President Trump. If the media was a more positive influence in our lives, it might help.

  • Beverley Wright says:

    I was not a fan of either one but the people have chosen. Give him a chance. Half of the stuff on the internet is not even true. It is gossip and rumors. If you listen to all the rumors and posts everyone in politics is corrupt. He is a business man and may be he will do better with manageing the money than any one else. USA is trilioons of dollars in debt

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