British Explorer Dies After Abandoning Solo Trek Across Antarctica

January 25, 2016 5:14 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 3531

According to Fox News, a former British officer turned adventurer has died Monday morning after attempting to cross the continent of Antarctica alone.

Henry Worsley, 55, died from complete organ failure after contracting bacterial peritonitis which affects the interior lining of the abdomen. He was only 30 miles away from his 1,000 mile trek across the desolate continent when he called for help and was airlifted to safety. Worsley was hoping to complete Ernest Shackleton’s unfinished South Pole expedition that he abandoned over 100 years ago and had hiked over 900 miles in 71 days. Worsley’s expedition had raised over $140,000 for wounded soldiers.

In a final statement from Antarctica, Worsley expressed his sadness for having to abandon his trek so close to the finish line, but the 71 day grind had finally taken a toll on his physical endurance and he simply could not go on any further. Worsley was flown from the ice to a clinic in Chile where he later died.

Antarctica is known for its brutally cold weather conditions and is practically uninhabited except for a few research stations. Worsley’s trek consisted of 1,000 miles across very harsh terrain with only a sled that he pushed with his supplies.  Experts have weighed in on the expedition which has only been attempted once  before and have concluded that Worsley achieving 900 miles in 71 days is a feat itself.

A friend to both Prince William and Prince Henry, both offered their condolences to the family on Monday, claiming they both lost a “dear friend.”

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