Benghazi Hearing Helps Clinton’s Presidential Platform

October 23, 2015 2:23 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 1804

Yesterday Republicans watched Hillary Clinton face the Benghazi Hearing Committee with the hopes that she would somehow fumble and it would slow down her poll numbers. Sadly, the hearing did exactly the opposite as Clinton kept her calm and handled any surprises thrown at her with utmost professionalism. If anything, Clinton proved that she can still remain “presidential” when the fire gets hot and that certainly means something when it comes to this race.

One of the main problems throughout the hearing was the blatant hatred between the Republicans and the Democrats on the actual committee itself. Not only did they attack one another, but it became more and more clear this entire drawn out debacle was a Republican ploy to hurt Clinton in the primaries. And sadly, as the long day continued to drag out it became more and more clear. Clinton would NOT be hurt by the hearing.

Even when grilled on the intervention in Libya being the “Clinton doctrine” and not the doing of the Obama Administration, Clinton held steadfast that she was following the administrations orders and any foreign policy–good or bad, came from a collaboration, not one person working alone. This has been a major play for Clinton who has taken responsibility for the Iran deal but has also worked hard at separating herself from Obama’s policies so she’s not viewed as the administration’s third term.

With Biden out of the race, it will now be a one-on-one race between Clinton and Bernie Sanders who still trails behind but is gaining ground.

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