Apple Launches iOS 10 Beta Version to the Public

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On Thursday Apple launched the new iOS 10 in public beta, allowing everyone the opportunity to experience the updated mobile operating system before the the official release in the fall. The public release comes two days after Apple first invited developers to download the new beta software and experiment with it on iPhones, iPad touch and iPads.


To download the new iOS 10, users must first sign-up with their Apple ID at Users will then receive an email with a link to download the software. The new iOS 10 is only compatible with iPhone 5 or newer, a 4th-generation iPad or newer, or 6th-generation iPod touch versions.

As a beta version, it is important to realize there will be bugs and errors with the newly released operating system as developers continue to remedy glitches. This is an early version of the software and Apple will continue making improvements over the next few months until the final version launches this fall, along with the newest iPhone.

Both Apple and tech experts recommend installing the new software on a secondary iOS device and definitely backing up your iOS device to either the iCloud or iTunes before installing the beta version. This will ensure you have back-up copies of your photos, media files and app data in the chance an issue arises with the new operating system.

Apple has provided a list of FAQ’s here for those wishing to participate in testing out the iOS 10 beta.

Apple’s latest OS update provides users with numerous new features and improvements including a redesigned lock screen, updated notification abilities, new Photo app features, Siri enhancements, a new app for controlling smart house devices, and much more.

Here are just a few highlights of our favorite iOS changes.

An enhanced lock screen with advanced notifications.

The new iOS 10 lock screen allows you to access much more information instantly without having to unlock your device via a host of new widgets. You can now answer emails, see a full iMessage conversation, add events to your calendar, or call one your favorite contacts — all within the locked screen mode.
locked screen notifcations


The Photos app automatically creates short videos of your best memories.

The Photos app has a new tab called “Memories,” that applies advanced artificial intelligence and facial recognition capabilities to analyze your photo library and cluster the people and locations involved in certain memories and time periods together. When you open a highlight of each memory, the Photos app will show you a grid of some of the best photos. And when you look at the bottom of the Memories album, you will see related People with thumbnails of their faces and a map of related Places. At the top of the Memories is an automatically created movie (with music) featuring some of the best moments from that cluster. This new Memories feature is particularly convenient if you have thousands of photos on your device.

photo memories


iOS 10 remembers your parked car’s location

You never have wonder where you parked your car again with this new feature. The latest iOS update automatically remembers your car’s location anytime you stop at a place other than your home.



Siri now works with some third-party apps and offers more dynamic and intelligent suggestions.

For the first time, Apple is giving third-party app developers the ability to integrate Siri directly into their apps, allowing users to access apps, such as Uber and Spotify, with their voice. The updated Siri also uses machine learning to offer intelligent suggestions while you converse with the digital voice-assistant. For example, if someone sends you an iMessage asking where you are, Siri can suggest that you send that person your current location without requiring you to type anything. All the new and exciting Siri abilities will undeniably make the personal assistant tool much more useful and dynamic than before.



New Home app allows you to control your smart house

With iOS 10 comes the introduction of a new app, called Home, that allows people to control their HomeKit-enabled appliances from their iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The new Home app works with the updated version of Siri and allows you to use voice commands to activate smart HomeKit products, which have been rolling out over the past couple of years. There are currently a few dozen Homekit-ready devices available, that you can now manage all from a single place via the Home app. Users will also be able to interact with a house’s smart devices using 3D Touch from the newly enhanced lock screen.



The Clock app’s new ‘Bedtime’ feature will track your sleep and wake you up with soothing sounds instead a jarring alarm.

Apple’s updated Clock app offers advanced sleep tracking options, as well as a new ‘Bedtime’ feature that is equipped with more gradual and soothing wake-up sounds making it a nice alternative to the traditional, more-jarring daily alarm clock.



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