An Introvert’s Guide To Shopping: Six Easy Tips

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Introverts often dread shopping. They tend to feel overwhelmed by too much external stimulation and shudder at the thought of searching through endless racks of clothing in a bustling store. The lights, the crowds, the dizzying array of choices — for many introverts, it can be too much.

However, even the most shopping-averse introverts cannot avoid it altogether. Maybe you have a job interview and suddenly realize (in slight panic) that your old suit needs replacing. Or maybe with the arrival of warmer weather, you long to refresh your work wardrobe. After all, a new outfit can give you an extra spring in your step and enhance your professional image.

While you may never love shopping, it doesn’t have to be as painful as you might think. Here are six tips to make shopping as pleasant (and effortless) as possible.

1. Do your research.  Do not wait until you’re physically at the store to figure out what you need. You’ll only end up prolonging your shopping trip and feeling even more overwhelmed. Instead, do what introverts do best — prepare! Take stock of your closet, and decide what you need most. Prioritize your “wish list” in case you don’t have time to shop for everything. By honing in on exactly what you need (for example, shirts or a new pair of shoes), you’ll save valuable time and energy.

2. Pre-shop.  Prior to your shopping trip, visit the store’s website and get an idea of their styles and prices. Make a mental note of what interests you, and read reviews to get a sense of whether other customers have found certain items to be comfortable, well-made, appropriately sized, etc. By scoping out a store’s selection in advance, you’ll have time to wrap your head around the options and spare yourself the pain of navigating a bewildering selection of choices at the store. (Of course, you should also remain flexible and open-minded when trying on items. Sometimes, items don’t look as good as we’d imagined or we make unexpected discoveries.)

3. Pinterest it.  As thoughtful souls, introverts typically need time to process their thoughts before making a decision. To avoid decision fatigue at the shopping mall, start a Pinterest board to keep track of styles that you like and items that go well together. Pinterest allows users to store pictures on an online bulletin board and provides inspiration for everything from weddings, to interior design, to fashion. By perusing the latest looks, you can get inspired by the possibilities and take time to consider current styles.

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