Adweek Releases Annual “Creative 100” List

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This week Adweek released is annual list of the top 100 creative professionals in the U.S. marketing media media industries.

List highlights the most creative people in marketing and media. (Image Credit: Adweek)

List highlights the most creative people in marketing and media. (Image Credit: Adweek)

Divided into four categories, this year’s special Adweek edition “profiles 100 unique and fascinating problem solvers from the worlds of advertising, media, technology, branding, pop culture and more.”

The list honors everyone on the four individual lists equally and order of appearance does not indicate ranking.

Also, although the list is limited to U.S.-based creative, Adweek notes that the list “is not meant to be a definitive ranking of the absolute most creative people in these industries. Rather, it is an evolving mix of senior and junior talent whose work has shone brightly over the previous year.”

You can check out all the Creative 100 honorees below by category:

50 Agency Creatives

A list that honors the top junior and senior-level creative talent found in U.S.-based advertising agencies

20 Content Creators

A list of the most ingenious and entertaining content creators of 2016

20 Creative Celebrities

A list of celebrities and influential figures who have consistently challenged themselves, their industries and their audiences.

10 Visual Artists

A list of some of the most dynamic and detail-oriented visual artists who enthrall and inspire

This year’s Creative 100 cover star is Milana Vayntrubb – a 29-year-old improv actress whose has been featured in 40 ad spots for AT&T, but is further known and respected for her activist work with Syrian refugees.

“I think Milana’s Lily resonates with audiences because she’s a multi-dimensional character in a way that’s rare for commercials,” says Hungry Man director Hank Perlman, who has been behind the camera for most of the Lily spots. “We try as hard as we can not only to make her funny but to make her as strong, smart and human as possible. And hopefully all of that makes her as relatable as a character in a 30-second commercial can be.”

Vayntrub has appeared in 40 spots for AT&T, although she was only supposed to be in one. (Image Credit: AdWeek)

You can also see the full list of 100 honorees in alphabetical order here.

Sources: Adweek

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