32 Things Donald Trump has Promised America

November 13, 2016 2:54 pm  |  Comments: 5  | Views: 131977

32. Keeping U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

32. Trump has also said he would keep U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan even though he acknowledged the war was a "mistake."


  • Syd Potter says:

    Good luck with this one!

  • Syd Potter says:

    Another lie

  • Jerry Creasy says:

    We need a wall,but I kind of doubt Mexico will spend a dime on it. They want us to pay for everything because we’re stupid enough to do it. We’re nothing more than a cash cow to them. Why do we cater so much to the hispanics? We put up advertisement billboards in spanish. TV ads are in spanish. Most of them can speak english but act dumb whenever they’re caught with their greedy hands in our pie. If Trump claims he’ll make them pay to wall themselves out of the land of milk and honey,he’s flat out dreaming.

  • Bat Sheva says:

    By implementing, he will force China to set up shop in America and employ americans to make profits.

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