30 Best Halloween Dog Costumes

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The greatest holiday in the history of holidays is Halloween (actual fact). Grown adults get to dress in any ridiculous costume they want without being judged and  kids get to collect as much candy as humanly possible.

But we’re not the only ones who get to enjoy the spookiest holiday of the year — our pets do too! Dogs get to enjoy seasonal treats (pumpkin is actually really good for them), adorably scary toys and of course, the best part of all, Halloween costumes.

A recent National Retail Federation survey showed 16% of consumers polled will dress their pets in Halloween costumes this year. The survey also estimated that last year owners spent approximately $74.34 on Halloween pet costumes for their furry little friends.  

This year, like many before, there are numerous clever and hilarious ideas to dress up your dogs for Halloween by borrowing from recent Hollywood or television hits, as well as pop culture.

So here’s a list of some this year’s funniest, most ridiculous, and adorable Halloween dog costumes.

Don’t be surprised if many of the costumes this year involve “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” a number of Marvel characters, the 2016 presidential election and especially the wildly popular “Pokémon GO” mobile game.

30 Best Halloween Dog Costumes

Sources: USA Today

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