25 Astonishing Dakota Access Pipeline Facts You Should Know

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The Dakota Access Pipeline (also known as the Bakken Pipeline) is a 1,172-mile-long (1,886 km) underground crude oil pipeline project in the United States planned by Dakota Access, LLC, a subsidiary of the Dallas corporation Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.

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  • markypolo says:

    Here’s the Irony: All these worthless POS protesters that despise oil and gasoline still guzzle it like there is no tomorrow in their automobiles, fancy jets and home electricity. This is par for Liberals and ignorant fcking Democrats.
    Advice: If you hate it, STOP using it! You bunch of idiots and morons.

    • Sarah Robertson says:

      Hi Mark,
      What people are asking for is high level leadership and guidance to precisely stop having to use oil and gas so much.

      There are many good energy alternatives. Protesters are asking for those alternatives to be given a chance. Its not that they don’t exist, choice would exist immediately should oil and gas stop being subsidized and asked to pay for its true cost. Jobs would also materialize just as fast should alternative energy infrastructure developed.

      The conversation really does not require insults.

      • ssipes says:

        Hi Sarah: Certainly wish what you say and believe were that easy to achieve. But it just isn’t. You began with leadership and guidance. Which I am assuming to mean govt.-correct me if I am wrong o President obama has attempted to push our buisness’ and nation in that direction-and yes we need a push. With his Clean Energy Program in 2008 to 2010 he budgeted 20 billion dollars to just that cause- in subsidies- tax incentives and govt. loans The return on investment; more solar and wind turbines in use. Good yes? Actually growth in those sectors have been less than 1% as of fiscal year 2016. In the first two years of this plan 4 companies bankrupted over 1billion in govt loans and subsidies ie.Solyndra etc. in the following years 11 foreign companies which received monies have moved back to their resident nations. This does not mean that everything failed. Elon Musk and Tesla Motors have indeed thrived. But yet to produce vehicles affordable to the masses and the solar and wind companies have started to show promise as of 2nd quarter reports this year. The top 3 producers where independent of most govt. assistance until 2014. For more info on this please read Peter Ross report-Brookings Institute study per Adel Morris-Pietro Nivola-Chuck Schultze all have either worked-owned or worked in this sector. Mr. Schultze has worked in three Presidential administration- all liberals. Try Bill Gates ideas on these programs and vision. Subsidies to oil companies less than 1 billion and for clean coal and only for clean energy investment- You can guess. Sorry no magic wands. Until the ones that do exist become fianancialy viable we must feed the beast and use what is available as economically as possible. Oh yes. Presidents Obamas submitted budget for that program-40 trillion $ and 4 billion in tax incentives for 2016. Keep trying Sarah. Who knows. Maybe in your lifetime it may happen. I hope.

      • Walt says:

        Let’s tell the desert kings to take their liquid black gold and burn it for lighting their palaces.
        Let’s get disconnected from Middle East oil and use what’s under our real estate carpet here.
        Meanwhile work toward alternative means for energy. Yes, I’m a Reagan conservative and I support Donald J. Trump our very successful businessman not attached to anyone. The US Government is better presided over by a successful businessman than by a well-entrenched
        lawyer making politics a career.

    • Dayna says:

      I am in tandem with your comment: “protesters despise oil and gasoline still guzzle it…..”
      So relevant is their high consumption versus their worthless protesting. Instead, offer up solutions & cutback upon consumption.

  • ssipes says:

    this was not informative at all. I read no information at all concerning environmental impact now or in the future. Unless you take “have said” as proof or studies. Regarding pipeline leaks and contamination. You forgot to mention that 63% percent of the governments listed numbers- easily referenced- were from aged sewer systems. Though most of the rest did come from the Texas oil gas pipelines installed over 60 years ago and is estimated over 60,000 mils in length. These are obvious hazards as most-that have not been updated- have few manual turn-offs safefy sensors, real time interior pressure and constant flow monitors to name just a few of the said North Dakota Pipelines precautions-which they must integrate into their systems. Give the new technology a chance. I prefer to use my car and public utilities until there is a viable alternative. Side note; I do recycle-turn the lights off when not in use-do not leave the water running while brushing my teeth or washing my hands and drive a fuel efficient auto and I do have one of Texas Oils stem system pipeline running through our backyard 117 ft from the house. Which worries the hell out of myself and neighbors due to its age and lack of technological safeguards. I would happily trade this system for the DP. No one has helped or demonstrated when we have petitioned our various govt. agencies to provide any of the of aforementioned safeguards. Which are a national hazard. I guess we are not the right minority. I do enjoy the articles- but give real info-not rhetoric.

  • Silke Clark says:

    No, No, No, and No Way should this be aloud. We have other resources it is time to think global conscious, tap into resources we have available to us. One comes to mind Solar Wind powered. Does make a lot of sense to me. Love and Light, Silke Clark.

  • Cliff says:

    If… our lawless bloated government of tyrants were to stop seeding the clouds with toxins… climate change would go away.

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