15 Election Night Party Ideas

November 6, 2016 10:48 am  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 8170

Submit your vote and get ready to party, because Election Day is the perfect excuse to throw a patriotic-themed celebration to keep everyone’s spirits high as the results roll in. 

The 2016 election season has been absurdly long and full of scandal, controversy, and unlimited dramatic moments. With this level of anticipation (and in some cases, trepidation), it is reasonable to assume that hundreds of millions will be glued to the TV on election night, with many choosing to make it a social event by attending an election night watch party.

So why not commemorate the end of the season and the country’s new president by throwing your own fun and festive party election night watch party? Because if one thing is for sure, as of Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016, the 2016 election season will finally be over and behind us.

Because an election party has the potential to become a tense environment (especially given this year’s candidates), try and keep things light and celebratory to ward off any unnecessary contention between guests. Make sure you follow along with the live election coverage on TV so you don’t miss a thing and prepare plenty of fun games and themed food (and drinks, of course) to keep everyone busy during the long wait until the new president is announced.

Here are some ways to get in the election spirit and celebrate, from karaoke and red, white, and blue jello shots to presidential trivia and candidate props, because after this year, you deserve it.


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