10 Weird Inventions & Ideas That Made Millions

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Occasionally, inventions that strike us as seemingly silly and unnecessary end up turning out to address a real need—such as Doggles, the goggle-style sunglasses for dogs. These canine shades do more than protect your pet from the sun's glare: They also keep out dust, debris and wind, block UV rays and assist in relieving ocular medical conditions, such as a rare autoimmune disorder that prevents dogs' eyes from producing tears.

The creators came up with the idea in 2002 after noticing their dog was squinting in the sunlight, but none of their own glasses stayed on their dog's face. After experimenting with sports goggles, the husband and wife team developed a special pair to fit their dog perfectly.

By 2004, Doggles being sold in 4,500 shops in 16 countries. Since their debut, Doggles has sold millions of pairs to pooches at $20 a pair, which now includes the option for prescription lenses. In 2015, Doggles had $3 million in sales, according to CNBC.

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