10 Vinyl Records You May Have Owned That Are Now Worth a Fortune

May 9, 2017 2:29 pm  |  Comments: 3  | Views: 1106191

Music enthusiasts swear by the sound quality of vinyl over CDs, MP3s, and other files, and now it seems that younger generations are starting to see the light.

Vinyl sales continue to increase each year as CD sales drop, which means that more young people are borrowing albums from their parents or buying their own, while those who grew up with them are perhaps dusting off their cherished collections.

New records are typically more expensive than other formats, but fans would argue that the listening experience and ability to hold the music in your hands is worth the premium.

There is also a culture of collecting that comes with switching to vinyl that could pay off big time, if you know what you have or what to look for. First pressings by big acts like The Beatles or Bruce Springsteen, and finds like misprints and pressings with alternate covers, can greatly increase the value of vinyl if the copies are kept in pristine condition.

Before you dig through those crates to listen to your favorite throwback LP or 45-RPM single, make sure that what you're holding isn't worth a small fortune. Here are some records that you may have (or used to have) that are worth way more than their original sticker price.

Article originally appeared on Mental Floss


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