10 Surprising Things That Are Deadly For Your Pet

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This may not be shocking to many animal lovers, but pets do not appreciate the joys of chocolate quite as much as humans — probably because it can kill them. Chocolate contains two closely related compounds: theobromine (the primary stimulant) and caffeine, both of which are responsible for chocolate’s energizing effects. These compounds help to stimulate brain and cardiac/skeletal muscle activity, mainly by inhibiting certain cell receptors and enzymes and increasing free calcium concentrations (which helps to power muscles).

At high doses, these effects can cause muscular overstimulation in animals, potentially leading to abnormal heart rhythms, muscle tremors, diarrhea, restlessness, and heart failure. On the other hand, humans are able to break down theobromine much more quickly and efficiently than what a dog’s metabolism is capable of.

Because chocolate is a very common food item for desserts and treats, great care should be taken to keep it out of the reach of dogs, cats, and other animals. Other caffeine-containing products such as coffee should be kept away from pets for similar reasons. They can cause harmful overstimulation as well.

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  • Diane Soffer says:

    My dog was 10 years old. I was always careful as to what she ate. one night she took 3 deep
    breaths and died, What could it have been? Diane Soffer

  • Daniel Nugent says:

    My dogs always go after the fly traps in our yard after they get really “ripe”.
    If the wind blows them down, or they jump remarkably high enough to get to them.
    We certainly need the traps,and I will try to get them further out of reach, but except for terrible breath they don’t seem to have any adverse affect.
    They are mostly house dogs untill they get int one of. Those traps!

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