10 Outdated U.S. Laws That Are Way Overdue For An Overturn

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Originally intended to protect newborns from being abandoned or killed by panicked young mothers, Nebraska’s “safe haven” law permitted parents to hand children up to age 18 over to state custody without criminal reprimand or prosecution. However, this unusual law became something of a national outrage in 2008, when it was publicized that a number of people had dropped off children as old as 17 at area hospitals. Just before the law was repealed to set a strict age limit to infants 30 days old or younger, CNN.com reported that a man flew in from Florida to take advantage of the law and deposited his teenage son in the state.


Sources: How Stuff Works, Mental Floss

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  • How about the 2nd Amendment? It is extremely outdated – in no way did our forefathers intend for people to own AK-47s, AR-15s, and other multi-round weapons, or have silencers attached. Except for police, military and security personnel ( who should be well trained), no one NEEDS a gun. What everyone does need? Clean air to breathe, safe water to drink, and uncontaminated land to grow our food – the essentials of life. I propose ditching the 2nd Amendment, which is not only outdated, but terribly misinterpreted as well, and moving our current 1st Amendment into its place. Then, make the new 1st Amendment “the right of every American to clean air and water.” This will do two things – make America healthier by getting rid of all the pollutants and poisons, and prevent thousands of deaths due to gun violence. That has to stop.

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