10 Crazy Facts about America

June 17, 2015 7:48 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 5183

America may be the land of the beautiful and of the free but it also home to the crazy and weird. From laws that forbid you to cry in the middle of a highway to the mysteries surrounding Area 51–there are many crazy facts and figures you may not know. Thankfully, we’re here to enlighten you and have come up with a list of the top ten craziest facts about America. Personally, we think #2 will make you think twice about healthcare reform.

  • The highest area in the state of Florida is actually only 345 feet above sea level. That is some seriously flat terrain!
  • In America, 66% of the population is considered obese. In the state of South Carolina, you can actually get free gastric bypass if you are overweight.
  • The state of Alaska is 429 times larger than Rhode Island, however Rhode Island has a bigger population.
  • Supermarkets in the United States waste over 3,000 pounds of food on a yearly basis.
  • Over 48% of Americans are considered low income or living at the poverty level.
  • Alaska’s coastline is longer than all 49 states put together. We still aren’t sure how that’s possible but it’s true.
  • While in the UK, the average amount spent on health care per person is $3,500 in America it’s $8,500.
  • In the state of Montana, it has three times the cow population than people.
  • The average American citizen drinks over 600 sodas per year.
  • Hawaii is the only state in the United States that commercially grows coffee.

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